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Karate Sleepover brings over a decade of experience performing stand-up comedy for all audiences. Every member brings a different style to the stage that can entertain any event. Our dedication to refining our craft and our full array of entertainment resources sold-out the 2017 Lucille Ball Comedy Festival in Jamestown, NY.


The Karate Sleepover team can add improv to your event or business function. Long form, or short form, we can tailor an improv show to your specific needs. Whether you want to be entertained, have the audience join in, or use improv as a social skill in business or for fun we have exactly what you need.

Sketch Comedy

When not performing in front of an audience, the Karate Sleepover team are hard at work creating sketches for YouTube. We blend creativity, fearlessness, and professionalism to create something memorable and hilarious. Check out our YouTube channel for our latest videos!


The Karate Sleepover team have been collectively podcasting for over 5 years now. Recorded and edited with professional equipment the group talks about life as a performer, personal stories, and everything in between. Keep up to date with the latest episodes on iTunes, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts.

Event Hosting

There is no event too big or too small that we can't handle. We can offer everything from professional hosting, character judging, and brand representation. We also have DJ equipment avaiable! We can keep the party going after one of our comedy shows or stir up an audience when the doors open.

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Karate Sleepover offers multiple packages with fair and flexible prices for any entertainment need. Our team can create an event poster, professionally film, and promote your event effortlessly. Contact us via email, facebook or twitter to discuss booking Karate Sleepover at your event today!

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Karate Sleepover

Our Team
MW Barrick
MW Barrick

Mike Barrick is a small town comic who has been performing since 2012, he was selected as part of a group to be a part of internet icon 2013. He has a unique way of turning his weird experiences and twisted world views in to humorous wording and entertaining situations, now he's performing as part of Karate Sleepover

Paul Clemente
Paul Clemente
Loud Noises

Paul Clemente has been entertaining since 2010. Starting the comedy blog ConstruxNunchux, Paul began writing, video editing and graphic design. It reached its pinnacle when his hero Andrew WK appeared on his webshow Lobster Lobby. This instilled a passion for marketing, management, and networking. Paul's next pursuit is stand-up comedy where he mixes loud noises with true stories about his life and children.

Jim Drain!
Jim Drain (Everybody)

Jim Drain started performing comedy back in 2011 where he started out by writing and acting in sketch comedy videos. One of those videos was even chosen to land him in a national competition called Internet Icon in 2013. In 2012 a local bar asked him and his sketch group to try doing some sort of live performance where he found his love for stand up. His comedy consist of all his awkward life moments and poor relationship decisions.

Jeremy Little
Jeremy Little
Little Gentleman


Dan Davis
Dan Davis
Fruit Snack


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