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Paul Clemente 

ConstruxNunchux (2010-Present) - A comedy blog with Pittsburgh comedian Ian Insect and Very Barrie Colts founder Ryan Noble. ConstruxNunchux is a collection of written work, personal exploration, and filmed stupidity.  Construxnunchux core series are Lobster Lobby, Woods Madness, Corrosion of the Mind, Construx Cat Interviews, and Nostalgia.

Twitter @Evil_Shero (2010-2013) - A parody account of the then General Manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Hiding under a shroud of anonymity and a unquenchable desire to upset people, the account Evil Shero became a known entity in the early hockey Twitter community. Interacting and entertaining hockey media this account reached a pinnacle of 8000 followers and a notoriety that once made Steeler's running back Rashard Mendenhall quit social media for a year. The account gradually transferred to a personal account that would eventually found PensInitiative.

PensInitiative (2013-2017) - The #1 independently run Pittsburgh Penguins blog was founded on the idea of getting my closest and most talented friends together to create a place where there were no rules of restrictions when talking about hockey. Building from nothing, PensInitiative is a profound voice in the hockey community building over 2-million page reads, and 16k Facebook followers. In the short time of existence, we achieved limited media access with the Pittsburgh Penguins and full media access with the WBS Penguins allowing our coverage to be unique and in-depth. Our podcast has had such guests as current Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto, Party Legend Andrew WK, and YouTube celebrity Steve Dangle on our show.  PensInitiative still covers the Pittsburgh Penguins and its affiliated teams with a group of dedicated writers and artists.

Twitter @GrimRutherford (2014-Present) - A fun side project that parodies the current Penguins General Manager Jim Rutherford. A curmudgeon who enjoys hydration and Denny's has entertained 7000 of his fans on Twitter for a few years now.

Nameless! Comedy (2016-2017) - Performing with Nameless Comedy at Tatsu-con, Blurrie-Con and Lucy Comedy Festival in 2016 provided invaluable experience. Branching out to podcasting, teaching workshops, and everything in between Nameless! Comedy was a gateway to future performances.

Chautauqua's Got Talent (2017) -  Performed as the "antagonist" judge for the area's largest talent show.

Karate Sleepover (2017 - Present)

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